About us



Nikki Gallagher is the artist and designer behind Nunkeri Designs whose work is an extension of her Aboriginality and life experiences.  As a contemporary Aboriginal artist from Gomeroi (Gamilaraay) and Galpu Country, Nikki uses art as a powerful tool in storytelling to educate and share Aboriginal culture and history.

Her style is colourful, vibrant, bold and engaging whilst being drawn from her heritage and her role as an Aboriginal woman in a modern world. Nikki has a passion to continue exploring her Aboriginality through art and design, with each piece connecting her to her culture.





Lisa is a Wakka Wakka and Kullillia woman living in Brisbane. Lisa is extremely proud of her Aboriginal heritage and is inspired by her culture and fellow Indigenous peoples strength, courage and resilience. Her art is inspired by her deep connection to country and culture, her family, and the beauty of the natural world. Lisa uses traditional and modern techniques to enhance the link between her artwork and the spirit of not only herself but also her ancestors. Lisa also brings this mindful and intensely personal approach to her intricate, flowing resin pieces and handmade glass pieces. It is this infusion of Lisa’s history and spirit which makes her artwork so deeply meaningful and moving.