From the Hart

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) as ongoing contributors via our From the Hart fundraiser that allows us to donate a percentage of all our sales to ILF. This will mean that for every sale made we will make a donation to ILF supporting the foundation to continue to work towards closing the Literacy Gap in our Children.

The choice for Nunkeri designs and Dreaming Hart to donate to ILF in an ongoing capacity was driven from the deeply personal story of Lisa and supported by Nikki.

Please read below for Lisa's Story and Nikki's reflection.


Lisa Ennis - Dreaming Hart

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

I have donated to this wonderful foundation for many years as reading and encouraging children to explore the world through literacy is deeply personal to me. 

My Mother was not a confident reader and/or writer, she would experience anxiety anytime she needed to read and fill out forms. Obviously because my Mother couldn’t read confidently, I was not read to as a child and struggled in my early years to read and write. Not being able to read and write confidently lead to me falling behind at school and I began to believe what the other children and some adults said about me. My Mum was absolutely beside herself and felt she had somehow let her child down.

When I was 11 or 12, I went to live with my paternal Nanna. Nanna was an avid reader and would always spend at least two hours every afternoon reading. During this quiet time in our afternoons Nanna would encourage me to read. Every week we would drive to Zillmere library and borrow as many books we were allowed. I wanted to read the books my friends were reading at school and feel a part of the group. Nanna would spend time with me helping me to read each word carefully and would ask me about the stories we had read. I didn’t learn to read in the conventional way children do today. I learned to read by flipping the pages of books that I wanted to read, with my Nanna sitting beside me encouraging me to believe in myself. Nanna would often drive us to my Mums home, and I would read to Mum. Still to this day I remember them both smiling at me. 

Reading wasn’t just a way for me to catch up at school and improve my marks. Reading was a way for me to feel a part of my group of friends, reading was a way for me to escape from reality and dive into other worlds. Being able to read gave me independence, it also gave me a voice and the confidence to believe in myself.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation does this for children in so many ways particularly for children in remote communities. I am extremely proud to contribute to this wonderful foundation and help give other Indigenous children self-belief.

Nikki Gallagher Reflection

I was a child who from a very small age loved books and reading , I devoured any book I could get my hand on and spent many lunchtimes in my school library. I was in a sense incredibly blessed to always have access to books and libraries and this something I think many of us take for granted.

My own children adore reading and are again blessed to have unrestricted access to books.

I had the honour of attending the GARMA festival in 2019 and was there for the ILF launch of a new children's book that had been written in language and the joy the children showed who were present and got to launch this book was just awe inspiring.

Hearing Lisa's story and her deep rooted beliefs around Literacy I didn't have a hesitation in supporting such a wonderful organisation.

we both encourage you to take the time to visit the ILF website and see the amazing work they are doing and if you would like to make a donation of your own they have many different was you can do this by visiting the website below

Thankyou from both of us in supporting our business which in turn allows us to support great causes like this.